About Map MD &
Dr. Myra Phipps

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Meet Dr. Myra Phipps

Dr. Myra Phipps is a board-certified family practitioner with years of experience in both traditional and holistic medicine. Her personal struggle to find data-driven, holistic, and effective care led her to open MAP MD, a functional medicine practice with the mission of walking with families and individuals along their health journeys.

At MAP MD, Dr. Myra uses a personalized, structured, and measured approach–all informed by her extensive research and first-hand experience.

Dr. Myra graduated from Emory School of Medicine in 1995, after which she completed training in Family Medicine at UAB Huntsville. After working for seven years as a Family Practitioner in Upstate SC, Dr. Myra took a hiatus from traditional medicine to explore holistic practices while caring for her favorite “patients” – her husband and four children.

Dr. Myra's Journey

Prior to opening MAP MD, Dr. Myra walked through a wide range of personal health challenges including food and mild sensitivities, SIBO, fatigue, and hormone health (perimenopause, menopause) in search of holistic, evidence-based, functional treatment. She also gained valuable experience and knowledge while seeking optimal health for her four kids as they grew from toddlers to young adults.

After practicing functional medicine exclusively for the past several years, Dr. Myra has made it her mission to provide MAP MD clients the healthcare she once sought for herself and loved ones. In her own words…

I seek to provide the healthcare I wish I had received on my own Functional Medicine journey

Outside the Office

When she isn’t listening to functional medicine seminars or researching a new supplement, Dr. Myra enjoys hot yoga, hiking with her husband Phil, cheering on her kids at the soccer field, and playing with the family’s two dogs, Opie and Theo.