Health is a journey, and life doesn’t wait.

MAP MD offers personal, evidence-based Functional Medicine care.

Health can be overwhelming.

Fad diets, supplements, pharmaceuticals, organics–you don’t have time to get a degree in medicine, or experiment with natural remedies–you want the best for yourself and your family, but don’t know where to start.

Enter MAP MD. Dr. Myra Phipps is a board-certified family practitioner with years of experience in both traditional and functional medicine.

Her extensive research to find data-driven, effective holistic care led her to open MAP MD, a functional medicine practice with the mission of walking with families and individuals through their health journeys, using a personalized, structured, and timely approach–all informed by Dr. Myra’s extensive research and first-hand experience.

Dr. Myra with a client at map md
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What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an organ systems approach to chronic disease that seeks to determine the root cause of symptoms.

It recognizes that a symptom can result from many factors and that each person presents with a unique manifestation of disease. Furthermore, it recognizes that patients benefit from an individualized treatment approach.

Functional Medicine is inherently holistic, looking at the whole patient, including the ways emotional well-being, spiritual health and environment affect physical health.

Dr. Myra will focus on the “Pillars of Health” – movement, nutrition, and stress modification- that improve health resiliency and longevity.

5 Pillars of Health and Wellness

“The cornerstone of Functional Medicine”

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The MAP MD Approach

A Unique Medical Perspective

As a board-certified MD with comprehensive experience in Family Medicine and Functional Medicine, Dr. Myra is uniquely positioned to treat patients in partnership with primary care physicians, specialized care providers and mental health providers.

A Measured Approach

Dr. Myra understands that patients don’t have the time to research, order and interpret every lab, supplement, or medication on the market. Dr. Myra believes in balance, intentionality, and efficacy when prescribing integrative treatment for you and your family.

A Streamlined Integrative Approach

Instead of seeing multiple holistic providers, Dr. Myra is in charge of each facet of functional treatment offered at MAP MD, including laboratory testing and interpretation, nutritional counseling, supplement recommendation, and health/wellness instruction.

A Tailored Experience

Dr. Myra is passionate about improving health for you, your child, or loved-one, yet doesn't want you to feel overwhelmed. She creates an individualized plan that prioritizes your needs and goals, and provides actionable steps to increase your chances of success.

The MAP MD Journey

Start Your Journey

Schedule an appointment. An intake form will be emailed to you for completion prior to your appointment.

In your first appointment, she will review your initial intake form, discuss her approach to your health concerns, and answer questions. After addressing your specific health needs, she will then outline a preliminary map to health which may include further testing, additional questionnaires, and/or nutritional supplementation. Lastly, Dr. Myra will recommend a membership plan to best meet your health goals.

After scheduling your 2nd appointment, a detailed intake will be emailed and then reviewed by Dr. Myra.  This information is vital in developing a personalized treatment plan for healing based on Dr. Myra’s search for scientific, evidence-based care. 

Comprehensive recommendations for supplements and dietary, activity, and stress modification are placed in a detailed treatment plan that is emailed to you so that the plan is clear, accessible and buildable – a road map to improve your health as quickly as possible. 

Dr. Myra will also discuss a follow up plan to monitor your progress. Follow up visits are generally every 1-2 months depending on need, and may be virtual or in-person.

Follow up with Dr. Myra to fine tune recommendations, address roadblocks to care, dig deeper when needed, and establish habits key to lasting results. She will strive to maintain your health progress with the fewest supplements and dietary restrictions possible, and will work to avoid costly and unnecessary testing.

Your health shouldn’t cost you your peace.

Anxiety, distraction and fear are all health risks. Too often, these risks become side effects for those who are looking to take charge of their wellness, but are overwhelmed by the extent of ever-changing information available.

Dr. Myra knows that you need to focus on the milestones that matter–the birthdays, bike-rides and beach trips, without worrying about you or your loved ones’ diagnosis or treatment.

That’s the “why” behind MAP MD–because health is a journey, and life doesn’t wait.